Welcome to Reading & Spelling Solutions!

Reading & Spelling Solutions (RSS) is a unique resource for families. We provide testing, assessments, and educational therapy services to evaluate and remediate any learning difficulties a student is facing.

Our approach is different that other tutoring centers, we use scientifically-based methods to strengthen a student's core academic skills, rather than focusing on daily classwork or homework. This allows our students to catchup to their peers and perform successfully in the classroom.

We use a diagnostic approach to identify academic weaknesses. After initial testing, our students attend intensive tutoring for remediation.

The majority of our students come to us 1.5 to 3.5 years below their current grade level and leave us performing successfully in the top half of their class.

Every program is tailor-made to fit your child's educational needs. During your first consultation you will learn what programs will best fulfill their learning potential and feel comfortable in trusting us. Our rates are competitive and include a sliding scale for larger families.

Our educational therapy programs are effective in helping students succeed with the following learning issues:

• dyslexia
• dysgraphia
• hyperlexia
• poor reading comprehension
• poor spelling skills
• reading & decoding difficulty
• confused grammatical writing structure
• weak short-term and long-term memory