Help for Reading Comprehension


Our programs help remediate the three main causes of poor reading comprehension.

1. Poor Reading Skills

We use a diagnostic approach to identify any phonological processing weaknesses before using our main decoding programs.

All of our programs are designed to efficiently improve a students reading skills by first finding their specific areas of weakness and them strategically strengthening them with our scientifically based program.

2. Poor Vocabulary Skills

We use a variety of programs to help improve students vocabulary skills and knowledge.

All of our programs incorporate one on one instruction to help explain the meanings of common words. However, we also concentrate on teaching students strategies for making educated guesses toward their correct meaning.

3. Poor Word Function & Usage Skills

Our founder, developed The RSS English Usage System, a highly effective program to remediate these weaknesses. Her thirty years of experience teaching English, English as a second language, and remediating students with mild to moderate learning disabilities have helped her design a program that engages students completely, while helping build these skills in a logical and sequential manner.

Our program incorporates well-known techniques for teaching struggling students. The program is multi-sensory and requires students to read the material, color code and identify the word functions, and physically build the sentences with symbols for each word function. This requires the student to be physically involved with the reading material on all levels. Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners are all encouraged to draw on their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses during this learning process.

The program teaches:

• English grammar in a logical, sequential, cumulative progression
• A fun and inter-active sentence decoding strategy
• How to recognize basic sentence patterns
• Confidence through frequent hands-on Mastery games and tests
• Basic writing skills that progress from sentence writing to paragraph writing
• Vocabulary development