Michele W
Alyssa & John's mom
" My daughter Alyssa started having problems the second semester of Kindergarten. She complained of sore throats and stomach aches a lot and tried to get out of going to school on a daily basis. She would make comments like "I'm never going to be able to read." In February 2009, her anxiety peaked. One day, Alyssa started to cry and protested--"I hate school Mommy and I am not going back." I am thankful that I knew who to call since my son John was already receiving education therapy for hyperlexia from Reading and Spelling Solutions. Alyssa was diagnosed with severe dyslexia by Reading & Spelling Solutions(RSS) when she was six years old. RSS designed a personalized program and she started tutoring right away.Alyssa was a busy little girl. She went to Kindergarten from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM, ate lunch in the car and had two hours of intensive tutoring from 12:30- to 2:30 five days a week. To my amazement and delight, Alyssa started to read in four months. Alyssa is thriving in 1st grade. She continues to get education therapy from RSS a few hours per week and she has blossomed into a confident reader. In fact, she is reading at the 3rd grade level based on her latest STAR testing. Alyssa is overcoming the struggles as well as celebrating the gifts of dyslexia thanks to Reading & Spelling Solutions. She said to me the other day "I LOVE reading Mom!" It just doesn't get any better than that."
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Laura M
Katie & Jimmy's Mom
"Our daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia a year ago. Initially, we were flooded with emotions. Then we found Reading & Spelling Solutions and instantly developed an action plan. Our daughter loves her tutoring time, and we saw immediate positive changes in our daughter's attitude and behavior. Within six months her grades improved dramatically. Her future is full of possibilities because of the many programs and the caring and nurturing environment at Reading & Spelling Solutions."
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Megan's father
"Our daughter struggled with reading and spelling and was falling behind in school. We found out that she has dyslexia, overwhelmed and confused, we knew we had to find a tutor that specialized in teaching students with dyslexia. We came across Reading & Spelling Solutions and instantly felt assured that our daughter was going to be fine. Since being a Reading & Spelling Solution's student, our daughter not only reads with confidence, but her grades have dramatically improved. We can't say enough about the outstanding staff and the attention they provide to each student."
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Lainie's mother
"Our daughter struggled with reading beginning in the first grade and she continued to fall behind her peers as the years progressed.  When she entered 5th grade and had to start reading more complex vocabulary we found she could barely read a word she had not previously heard from someone else.  One of her teachers said her progress was not for lack of effort because she worked 2-3 times harder than the rest of the kids just trying to keep up.  We brought her to Susan and found out she has dyslexia.  The teaching methods at Reading and Spelling Solutions were just what we needed.  Our daughter didn’t need more reading, she needed to relearn how to read in a different way.  When entering 5th grade, our daughter was reading below a 3rd grade level.  Three years later we received her standardized test results leaving 7th grade and she is scoring in the Post High School level.  The programs at Reading and Spelling Solutions definitely contributed to her success.  They have given her the tools she needs to be successful, not just working harder.”  
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Toni S.
Katie's mom
"When my daughter would choose the easiest words she knew, just to shorten the time it took her to write, I knew something was wrong.  My husband and I simply couldn't allow my daughter's voice to be silenced by unaddressed learning issues. With Reading & Spelling Solution's help, my daughter's ideas and voice can be shared with the world."  
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Claudia L.
Reign's mother
"Thank you so much for all your help and support! I can not express how grateful our family is. When Reign began she could not read, she was angry, lacked confidence, and was difficult to work with. Now, after working with you, Susan, and the wonderful staff of Reading and Spelling solutions, Reign is now reading chapter books (on her own!), she is happy, succeeding in school, and believes she is a smart kid (which she obviously has always been!). Reign herself has said, "Wow, Reading and Spelling solutions has really helped me a lot!" I attribute her boost in confidence when it comes to reading and spelling to the incredible work that your center does. As her mother, this is my dream come true and I can't be happier. I can't sing your praises enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
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