Designed to create learning that lasts

Educational therapy is a more intensive academic intervention than traditional tutoring. While traditional tutoring tends to concentrate on homework and academic skills, educational therapy is designed to remediate learning issues and catch a student up to grade level. This type of therapy actually helps the student strengthen their ability to learn. Our student’s engage in multi-sensory and scientifically-based programs that strengthen core academic skills while teaching processing, focusing, and memory skills.

The difference between traditional tutoring and educational therapy is dramatic.

Rather than trying to explain day to day academics to a student, we work to build their foundational skills so they can complete their own classwork and homework successfully.

We use a combination of several scientifically-based programs. Your child has unique educational needs, so our approach is always individualized to their specific goals. After initial testing we design a custom program for your child.

The majority of our students attend a 55 minute tutoring session two to three times per week. During these sessions, we work to strengthen their reading, spelling, writing, comprehension, and math skills.In some special cases, these sessions may last up to two hours and go up to five days per week, depending on the wishes of the student and parents. In these instances, we are able to aid parents in making arrangements with the students school for any time they spend with us during the regular school day.