Assistive Technologies     

Our staff will recommend and train your child to use any of the following AT options. All of them are designed to make learning fun and approachable for all students, regardless of their difficulties in school.

  • Forte Fusion Writer- A word processor for students who have trouble with handwriting and spelling. The Forte re-introduces the joy of writing to students who have been struggling with putting a pencil on paper. Its programs include: text to speech, word prediction, and games for typing, spelling, and math.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking- Speech recognition software that can be used to control a pc or mac computer. Dragon is a great tool for students that have trouble writing down their thoughts, but feel comfortable saying them out loud. This program types their words for them.
  • Ginger Software- A software program that checks grammar & spelling mistakes, reads emails websites and documents aloud in a human voice, and creates English lessons and quizzes based on your common mistakes.
  • Livescribe Smartpen & MyScript software– This pen records everything you hear and digitally stores all of the notes you take on Livescribe paper. You can download all of the information onto your home computer and even share it with others. The software allows you to playback audio lectures at your convenience. When used together, MyScript software allows you to turn the audio recordings into text.
  • LearningAlly.org- Gain access to our subscription with LearningAlly Books, the leading provider of audio textbooks from Kindergarten through college.